Application for Germany National Visa| Student Visa

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If you are a student applying for the Germany student visa, you don’t have to filled the Schengen visa but rather the “German National Visa”.

Every applicant is asked to provide the following mandatory documents (original plus 2 legible copies of each document, unless otherwise specified) at the appointment day, after having booked an appointment.

Download application for Germany national visa>>>  application-national-data

General requirements for Germany National Visa

  • 2 completely signed and filled-in visa application forms (application for a national visa)
  • 2 signed declarations according to Sec. 54 Par. 2 No. 8 of the German Residence Act
  • 2 recent passport pictures with white background (please do not attach to forms)
  •  valid passport and 2 copies of the passport’s pages showing the particulars of the
    applicant (data page)
  • original birth certificate of the applicant based on the first registration plus 2 copies
  •  original marriage certificate and original birth certificates of children plus 2 copies
  • proof of acceptance for enrolment into a German university, preparatory or language
  • proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language (Goethe-Institute certificate),
    unless course is taught in English. Should the course be taught in English, basic
    knowledge of German is however highly recommended
  • original school leaving certificates plus 2 copies
  • documents showing academic career and academic standing
  • proof of university degrees earned (e.g. Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree)
    original plus 2 copies
  • proof of previous and current employment, internships, practical attachments, national
    service (CV and documentation)
  • reasons for studying in Germany and for choice of university, study plans and plans for
    the future (preferably in writing) signed by the applicant
  • proof of adequate financial means to cover the university fees, housing, the cost of living
    and other expenses, currently 720.00 Euro for every month of the first academic year
    (see below for further explanation)
  • sponsor’s passport, information/proof on relation to sponsor, motivation of sponsorship.

The following practices are accepted as proof of sufficient financial means

  1.  formal obligation according to Sec. 66 to 68 of the German Residence Act (signed by a
    person living in Germany at the local competent office in Germany and confirmed by the
    competent office). The formal obligation should specifically state that the sponsorship
    covers studies and mention the duration of the intended sponsorship. The formal
    obligation is only suited as an adequate proof of finance with the remark “Die finanzielle
    Leistungsfähigkeit des/der Verpflichtungserklärenden wurde nachgewiesen.” (The
    financial capability of the sponsor has been verified)
  2. scholarship from German public funds or by scholarship financed by an organisation that promotes education and is approved in Germany. Scholarship from the public funds of the applicant’s country of origin are also accepted;
  3. sponsorship by a person living in your country in this case, a letter of sponsorship is required, confirming that the sponsor is willing to support the student with 720.00 Euro per month for the duration of the studies.

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