Top 5 reason to study medicine in eastern Europe

This article will show you the top 5 reason to study medicine in eastern Europe. Students from all over the world prefer to commence their medical careers in eastern Europe. Medical students looking for the best training do well to consider European medical schools. Schools in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Estonia also rank in the top row internationally and have exceptional ratings in the European Union ranking system.

Many international students study medicine abroad in English. It may be essential as part of your course to communicate with patients during your headway with your medical degree. TEFL certification is a commonly required qualification for students who want to study in Europe. The TEFL qualification aims to provide you with English Language Teaching skills.

Many students prefer to study medicine in Europe chiefly for financial reasons because medical education in the United States and the United Kingdom can cost five times more than in Europe. Study at some of the great and most renowned schools in the world makes you an outstanding candidate anywhere in the world. Eastern Europe offers a whole inexpensive international experience.

Here are enlisted top five reasons to study medicine in eastern Europe:

Study in English:

Many universities in eastern Europe offer to study medicine in English. There are more than 25 medical universities that offer English-language programs. You will find high-quality medical programs in English all over eastern Europe. English is such a big part of their culture. Studying medicine abroad (East Europe) in English is very convenient for international students as the lecturers and physicians will guide you to speak outstanding English. Schools in Poland, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, the UK, and the Czech Republic are the most renowned countries that offer medical programs in English.


One of the most substantial factors to study medicine in eastern Europe is its affordability. Eastern European medical schools offer the privilege over the big brand school. For fresher’s, studying medicine in the east of Europe offers lower tuition rates than in the US. However, costs vary by school and program. Eastern medical schools offer top-rank, well-regarded medical education at half of the cost in Western Europe or the US. Generally, living costs are mostly less expensive compared to the UK.

Also, Eastern European countries offer many scholarships for overseas students or students who do well in their studies.

 Admission requirements:

Another great pro of studying medicine abroad in eastern Europe is that many universities do not have entry exams. Universities in Romania, Ukraine, and Georgia do not take an admission test but an alternative call for an interview to observe your passion and English language abilities. The criteria for getting admission in medical schools are a high school completion certificate and proficiency in English. You will need to be physically and mentally healthy as well.

Getting admission to the world-eminent universities in eastern Europe is much easier than a medical school in Western Europe. European medical universities have a fixed place for international students as well.

Educational Quality:

Educational quality is another massive incentive for studying medicine in eastern Europe. Though it is inexpensive to check-in in Eastern Europe than in the UK or the USA, this does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of education you will be getting. European schools of medicine are constantly advancing in the modern technologies and latest amenities to provide better and improved experiences to students. Qualifications that doctors gain when they graduate from medical schools in the EU are equivalent, which means that someone can qualify as a doctor anywhere in western Europe and start work.

Hence, choosing a medical school in Europe offer students a set of advantages especially quality education and a better experience.

Internationally recognized degree:

All European medical universities are globally recognized and included in the WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools). By studying medicine in Europe, you will gain international experience, have colleagues from around the globe, and can practice anywhere in the world. The degrees offered by European medical schools follow the world’s highest educational standards. They also provide remarkable learning opportunities at world-class research institutions. You can practice medicine anywhere in the world if you have a medical degree from a European medical school. You can practice in your own country of choice by registering yourself with its medical board. All you have to do is to take a simple examination to demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities as a doctor.

In addition to an outstanding medical education, you will also have proficiency in the arts, music, sports, world history, and some of the best fares you’ll ever try.