Korea Government Scholarship for International students

The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) has provided scholarship opportunity for International students. The program aims at supporting international students to study at Korea to strengthen the relation between Korea and other countries.

Application period at (Embassy, University)

Undergraduates: September to October

Masters and PhD: February to March

Qualifications for Masters Degree and Doctorate
  • The applicant must be an international student
  •  Should not be more than 40 years
  • Must have a Bachelors for masters studies or Masters degree for PhD
  • Should have GPA greater than 2.64
Qualification for Undergraduate Degrees
  • The applicant must be an international student
  • Have completed or about completing High school
Areas of study
Programs or courses in any of the 60 participating Korean Universities.
How to Apply
Applicants can only apply through any of the Participating Korean Universities or through the Korean Embassy in their home country.
Number of Awards
Undergraduate: around 170 offered annually
Graduate: around 800 offered annually
Selection Procedure
  • First selection
A short is made by the Korean Embassies or participating universities in Korea.
  • Second selection
NIIED selection committee makes further screening
  • Third selection
Successful applicants to the universities are contacted after NIIED screening. Applications to Korean Embassies are also screened by the universities for admission.


Scholarship Period
  • Undergraduate

(5 years) 1 year Korean language course and Bachelors degree course requirements

  • Associate Degrees

(3 years) 1 year Korean language course   Associate degree course requirements

  • Masters

(3 years) Language Courses 1 year and  Degree Courses

  • Doctorate

(4 years) Language Courses 1 year and Degree Courses

Scholarship Value

  • Masters and Doctorate
  1. Airfare
  2. Monthly Allowance
  3. Language Training Fee
  4. Research Allowance
  5. Medical Insurance
  6. Settlement Allowance
  7. Dissertation Printing Costs
  8. Korean Proficiency Grants
  • Undergraduate
  1. Airfare
  2. Language Training Fee
  3. Korean Proficiency Grants
  4. Monthly Allowance
  5. Medical Insurance
  6. Settlement Allowance
  7. Tuition fee

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