Top 5 Reasons Why Your Scholarship Application was Rejected

scholarship application rejected

There are a lot of reasons why a scholarship application was rejected or may be rejected. Here are the top 5 reasons why your scholarship application may be rejected or was rejected. These reasons runs through all scholarship applications.

In every game there are rules and if you don’t play by the rules, you are not going to win or you will either be banned or be rejected. And that’s with scholarship applications.

There are rules, in this case, “requirements” that every scholarship program wants you to comply with. These requirements runs through all scholarship programs.

If you comply with them, you will have the greatest chance of winning the scholarship if not, your application will be rejected.

Here are the Reasons why your Scholarship Application was Rejected

1. Applying too late

Scholarship programs gives some reasonable number of days for applicants to submit their applications.

If you wait till the deadline before you submit your application, it might be rejected. This is because, scholarship committees have said that, averagely, they receive five (5) times the number of available scholarship slots.

Some even receive ten (10) times the number. So to make the work easy for the scholarship committees, they adopt the concept of first come, first served.

And since you were in harry to submit your application due to the deadline, you will be making mistakes and that will eventually makes your application incomplete.

This is why in, we publish the scholarships early for our readers to know, prepare and apply it early.

2. Incomplete Application

One of the reasons why most scholarship applications get rejected is incomplete application.

Incomplete application in this case may be define as not providing all the required documents.

60% of rejected applications are based on incomplete application.

The scholarship committees knows why they request for a particular document. Sometimes, it help them to decide your eligibility for the programme of choice.

3. Writing Unconvincing Motivational or Personal statement

One of the things scholarship committees look at when considering your application is your motivational letter.

The motivational letter should identify the reasons why you have chosen that particular course and its impact on your future career.

If the scholarship program is based on development, they will want you to convince them on how you will contribute to the development need of your country.

Over use of phrases such as I’m poor, I come from a poor background is not a convincing statement. Scholarship committee knows that you are in need that’s why you applied for the scholarship. You wouldn’t have gone through this stress if you have sufficient money to cater for your educational expenses.

4. Applying for a scholarship you don’t qualify

Some scholarships are country-specific and thus require only students from those countries to apply. If you are not from one of those countries, your application will be rejected.

For example if a scholarship is for students from Nepal and a student from Nigeria applies, his application will be rejected.

In some cases, a scholarship will be specify only for some selected courses. If you apply for a different course, your application will be rejected.

5. Not qualifying for the Language requirements

Scholarship committees want to know that you have sufficient knowledge in the language of instruction.

They therefore require every applicant to submit a result of language proficiency test you have if the language of instruction is not your first language.

For example, if the language of instruction is English, they will want you to have sufficient proficiency in English.

Failure to submit this proficiency can lead to your application being rejected.

I hope you have noted these points. Wish you all the best in your scholarship applications.

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