Abbott and Fenner scholarship

Abbott and Fenner scholarship is an annual scholarship provided to people who have the vision or the motivation to succeed. The organisation is committed in giving this scholarship to  all junior and senior high school  students and also to  all students who are about to enter any post high school institution.

Level of study and qualifications
  • junior high school students
  • Senior high school students
  • post high school students / undergraduates

If you are looking for masters scholarship, check Walter and Laura scholarship

or PhD, check Edwin Leong scholarship 


June 14, 2018

Scholarship Amount


Application Procedure for the Abbott and Fenner scholarship

All applicants for the Abbott and Fenner scholarship will have to write an essay  on the topic which can be found here. Essay for the scholarship

The essay should not be less than 500 words or more than 1000 words. The essay must be sent to

The winners of the scholarship will be announced and received the award within two weeks after the above deadline. All applicants should indicate their name, the school they are attending and their mailing address together with the essay.


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  1. My career is to teach the young people i studied this in three years means y1,y2,and y3 with different trimester where at the end of y3 we accomprished our studies by doing internership in order to be capable of our career ,because I studied the way to teach them by using teaching Aida in other to understand well the lesson ,I was great fully to study this because I like the children more,my life goals is to became a good teacher and to continue my studies.
    My plan for achieving these goals is to work hard with taking solution to my problems without waiting for other people and also due to my good studies back ground I really know that I will get the opportunities to continue my studies where I will get a good living and the degree that I need is undergraduate where it helps me to achieve my goals because the knowledge that I improved and my status improved,anywhere I will be happy if my goals achieved due to my results in the classroom and even at the end of academic years God will make away I really know and I need your intervene. Thanks a lot

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